What is LocateMyDroid?

LocateMyDroid is a free Android application that you install on your phone to help locate it. The application does not run in the background and is only activated by you through our website. If you think your phone is lost or stolen simply visit www.locatemydroid.com and activate the tracking software. You will be able to visually see where your phone currently is on an interactive map and even see the street address.

How do I install and activate my phone?

After downloading LocateMyDroid from the Android Marketplace (via your phone), you install the app like any other. Then you must run the app and choose which google account you would like to activate the phone for. For more detailed instructions visit the install page

What are the permissions you ask for on install?

In version 1 we requested 8 permissions, in version 2 we have knocked it down to 6, they are:

  • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION – Allows LMD to use GPS to get your phones location
  • INTERNET – Allows LMD to use the internet to talk to our servers
  • READ_PHONE_STATE – Allows LMD to get the phone's id number, so we know one phone from another
  • GET_ACCOUNTS – Allows LMD to get your google usernames so you can link your account
  • WAKE_LOCK – Allows LMD to keep the phone awake while we are tracking
  • C2DM.RECEIVE – Allows LMD to communicate with the phone, to start and stop tracks
  • CAMERA – When you lock your phone, will attempt to take a photo if someone fails the lock screen

Why do I need to enable GPS to install?

One of the biggest complaints we got from people who had the first version of our app was that the results were not accurate enough. This is because they don't have GPS enabled in their settings and so the app is forced to use cellular network triangulation to get its location, but this is not very accurate (about a 2 mile radius). So we decided to force people to turn on GPS. The phone will say it uses more battery, but this is true only when you are running an app that uses GPS. Our app is sleeping until you track it, so it will not be using GPS all the time. If you want to install the app, but don't want that setting on all the time, just turn it on so you can install, and you can turn it back off after (just know that your location results will not be very accurate).

Why do I need to use my Google Account to login?

No one likes to create new usernames and remember tons of passwords. We made the mistake of having users do this for the first version of LocateMyDroid and 90% of our support requests came from users who forgot or mistyped their usernames or passwords when they activated. Since all android phones usually have Google accounts attached, we decided to let Google handle usernames and passwords. When you login, you will be redirected to Google to enter your credentials and then Google will redirect you back to upon success (you will not be giving LMD your password, only your email address).

How do I track my phone?

After activating your phone you can track your phone by clicking locate on your account page. You will be taken to the locate page and if you have tracked your phone before, the page will show the last known location. You can also start a new track by clicking the "Start Track" button, and the app will be woken up on your phone. To put the app back to sleep, click the "Stop Track" button.

The tracking is showing a 2 miles radius?

This usually means that the location is being obtained by cellular network triangulation (less accurate than GPS). To know whether the location came from the Network or GPS, the tracking page will say "This location was obtained by _____". If you would like more accurate results, make sure you check off the "Use GPS Satelites" in your phone settings (Go to Settings-–>Location & Security). This says it will use more battery, but it only uses more battery when you are using an app that uses GPS, like google maps (or ours when it is running). While our program remains sleeping, it will not be using any more battery.

The tracking is off?

This app does not actually calculate where your phone is, it communicates with your phone and asks it to tell us where it is, and we rely that information back to you. Also, sometimes when you first click track, it will initially send us the last location it has in its memory, which might be way off. As you leave the app running, the location should get more accurate as GPS takes a little bit of time to get a more accurate reading. To make sure you will get a more accurate location, make sure you check off the "Use GPS Satelites" in your phone settings (Go to Settings-–>Location & Security). This says it will use more battery, but it only uses more battery when you are using an app that uses GPS, like google maps (or ours when it is running). While our program remains sleeping, it will not be using any more battery.

It can't track my phone, what's up with that?

There are a few reasons why we might not be able to track your phone. In order to track your phone, we must be able to communicate with it, so if it is in a location where it does not have reception, we can not get a reading from it. If you battery is dead, we will not be able to communicate with it either. Sorry. If you believe you have met all the requirements but it still fails to track, you can contact us

Can I lock my phone?

Yes. You need to enable the "Adavanced Features" on the phone (or you can make LMD a device admin by going to Settings–>Security–>Select Device Administrators and check LocateMyDroid on the list.

Will the app kill my battery?

The app only runs if you track it. Whenever you track your phone, make sure you click the "Stop Track" button to put the app back to sleep. We have the option to leave the app on, so that if the location is moving, you can continue to track it, or if your phone is somewhere where it can't get reception and fails to track, if the phone does eventually get reception the app will wake up and start tracking it.

Is it really free?

Locating your phone is free. We have some advanced features like adding watchers and making your phone scream that we charge for, but tracking your phone will always be free. There are several other Android phone locating applications in the Marketplace, however, we felt none of them provided the service and functionality we were looking for. We are the only application that allows you to remotely activate the software through the website, as well as visually see the phone on a map.

What is the Scream Feature?

Even at its best, GPS can't tell you if your phone hiding under a pile of dirty laundry. We can make sure the ringer is on full blast and make it ring so you can hear it well.

How do I uninstall?

You uninstall LocateMyDroid like any other Android app by going to Settings–>Application–>Manage Applications on your phone. If you are getting a message that it cannot uninstall, it is probably because you still have LMD listed as a device admin. To chnage that either open LMD and click "Disable Advanced Features", or go to Settings–>Security–>Select Device Administrators and uncheck LMD on the list. Then you should be able to uninstall with no issues. If you are having other issues contact us

I have a suggestion, what can I do?

We appreciate any and all feedback. You can visit our Feedback Forum or by direct contact.