1. Find LocateMyDroid on the Android Market

Run the Market application on your Android phone. Search for the application "LocateMyDroid" and download it. Or you can use the QR code to the right to go directly there (qr?)

2. Install the downloaded app

After you download the app, you need to install it (it should prompt you, or you can look in your notifications). If you have questions about the permissions we ask for, check our faq

3. Activate your phone

You need to run the app once, so you can connect with our servers to let us know your phone exists. It only takes a moment. You will have to choose the google account you will use to log in.

4. Enable Advanced Features (optional)

In order to lock or wipe your phone remotely, LMD needs device admin privileges. It is optional to enable this setting, but if you ever plan on using these features, you need this to be enabled before you lose your phone. You will see an "Enable Advanced Features" button when you launch LMD. If you dont see that button, then you have already activated them.

5. Track your phone (optional)

It is optional but recommended that your try tracking your phone so you know how the app works if you ever need to use it. After logging into our website you will be redirected to your account page. You click locate link under actions and you will be taken to the locate page. If this is your first time here there wont be any results yet, but in the future this page will always show you where your phone was the last time you tracked it. To wake up the app, click the "Start Track" button and wait. It usually takes less than a minute to start receiving data from your phone. As it continues to track, it should get more accurate as the GPS gets a better read. Then click the "Stop Track" button to put the app back to sleep.