Lost phone, never again!

Locate your Android device directly on a map with this app. We will even give you the approximate street address!

How to Install

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In less than two minutes you can be completely ready to recover your lost or stolen Android phone. Its free to locate your phone.


For users running Android OS 2.2+, this app works worldwide and supports all carriers. Verizon, AT&T, T–Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, etc. etc. etc.


Only you have the power to activate the tracking software on your phone. No GPS tracking is performed until you tell it to.


No sending cryptic sms messages to your phone. With our web interface, you can locate your phone from anywhere with a single click.


Visually we will show you where your Android phone is on a map. We will even tell you the street address!

Battery Life

The application does not run on the phone until you activate it through our website. This saves battery life.

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